Jim McShane

Jim McShane has become known as one of the most knowledgeable modders of Citation amps in the known Universe. You'll also find Jim offering great advice and providing awesome resources on his website and many of the online audiophile forums.

Here's what Jim has to say about his experience using V-Caps:

"My take is this: in a Citation II you have multiple NFB loops, and a total of >30db of NFB. Citation IIs therefore tend to "panel beat" things back into place. The amp shouldn't sound as great as it does since it breaks all the "rules", but it does. What this boils down to is the differences between components are more subtle. What did strike me was two things in particular. First, the upper bass/lower mids were VERY tight, clean, and well controlled, and the tight control extended down to the lower bass as well. Cellos and kettle drums were really lifelike! Second, the amp sounded very "clean". I can't really describe it, but there was no smearing of notes, the tones were distinct and sharply focused, not blurred. Chet Baker's trumpet was absolutely in the room - I use his SACD "Chet" as a listening test disc. The kettle drums are struck HARD in the first few bars of "Roll Plymouth Rock" from Brian Wilson's incredible "SMiLE" CD, and the amp played the "thwack-boom!" of those powerful strikes with real control and power. The bottom line is - I liked 'em - a lot! As always, the cost vs. return issue rears it's ugly head, but in terms of performance, I liked the V-Caps a lot. I'm really interested in hearing what the owner says. If Ei makes good KT-90 tubes again, I think the V-Caps, KT-90s, and a good set of OPTs is likely as good as is gets for push pull."

Jim McShane  


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