V-Cap CuTF Copper Foil and Fluoropolymer
Film Audio Capacitors
V-Cap CuTF (Copper Foil Fluoropolymer Film) capacitors are the result of an obsession for a closer emotional connection to the music. The CuTF series leverages the musicality of pure copper foil with the expertise, materials, and processses of the most innovative companies from around the World. If your gear is capable of delivering an out-of-body experience, install the new CuTF series and connect to the soul of the music... Recommended for signal coupling in tubed electronics, speaker crossovers, and guitar electronics.
V-Cap ODAM Audio Capacitors
V-Cap ODAM (Oil Damped Advanced Metalized) capacitors are a unique 'wet', hermetically sealed capacitor design that is very much the sum of its parts- each carefully chosen to maximize musicality, by minimizing internal vibration, optimizing electrical performance (i.e. DF and ESR) and improving reliability... all while greatly increasing part-to-part consistency.Recommended for signal coupling (outout or interstage), speaker crossovers, and power supply bypassing..
V-Cap TFTF Fluoropolymer 
 Film and Tin Foil Audio Capacitors
V-Cap TFTF (Tin Foil Fluoropolymer Film) capacitors are among the most coveted signal caps on the market. Numerous shootouts, reviews and comments by hardcore cap rollers and audio industry icons leave no doubt why the TFTF series is among best audio capacitors ever made. Recommended for signal coupling in tubed electronics, power supply bypassing, speaker crossovers, and guitar electronics.
V-Cap Oil Impreganated Metalized Polypropylene Audio Capacitors
V-Cap OIMP (Oil Impgrenated Metalized Polypropylene) capacitors are renowned for virtues previously found only in Paper-in-Oil caps, but with better transparency, and signficiantly better reliability. A cost-effective and space-saving alternative to the CuTF and TFTF series in crossovers and as output couplers, and responds very well to CuTF and TFTF series bypassing. The OIMP series is particularly adept at minimizing the HF hash of digital sources, and is a secret ingredient in many high-end loudspeakers, SS amps, and DAC's.