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Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio

Established in early 2005, Red Wine Audio was founded by Vinnie Rossi, an Electrical Engineer with a passion for music and designing electronics that faithfully recreate it. Red Wine Audio is the leading manufacturer of battery-powered stereo components, meeting the needs of discriminating audiophiles and avid music lovers. Here is what Mr. Rossi has to say about his experience with V-Caps:

"We use the OIMP V-Caps in our headphone amp/dac combo unit - the Isabellina HPA. After extensive listening of numerous signal capacitors for this application, we found the OIMP V-Caps were the best choice - achieving the perfect blend of transparency and musicality. Our customers couldn't agree more and love the results! Besides offering a top-quality product, Chris at VH Audio offers top-notch customer service and is always a pleasure to work with!"

Vinnie Rossi - Red Wine Audio"


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