Graeme Holland of Audion
Audion Premier Quattro with V-Caps Audio capacitors
Audion Premier Quattro board

Graeme Holland of Audion has this to say about his experience using V-Caps in his components:

"We at Audion have been using V-Caps as an upgrade option on all of our equipment for more than 5 years now and actually, I personally recommend these over silver foil in oil as I feel they are more transparent, faster and musical. We started using V-caps after a trial in our Premier Quattro pre-amp. The Premier Quattro went for a review with Arthur Salvatore after which he proclaimed it the best stock pre-amp available in the world today. I have tried many signal capacitors in our amps (many names like Auricaps, AN, Ampohm, Jensen, SCR, Mundorf etc etc. - my tests were very extensive) and found that the best in terms of speed, transparency, fluidity and musicality were the V-Cap Fluoropolymer. I would highly recommend the V-Caps over pretty much any other signal cap on the market today. In the money no object - no compromise arena in my opinion V-Caps excel over all others. I will continue to use, recommend and enjoy Chris VenHaus's V-Caps. Keep up the great work.

Graeme Holland- Owner/CEO Audion


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