Audiopax Model 88
Audiopax Model 88 Monobloc

Audiopax is a very unique Brazilian company that manufactures some of the best sounding, and LOOKING audio equipment on the planet. Numerous industry awards and acclaim by the most devoted audiophiles are testament to designer Eduardo de Lima’s passion for developing stereo components that recreate the emotional connection invoked by live music. His unique implementation of proprietary technologies goes well beyond conventional topologies that are common in the marketplace. Audiopax truly puts the Art back into State of the Art.

In addition to new technologies developed by Mr. de Lima, Audiopax sets itself apart by investing a significant amount of time evaluating and selecting ALL components in the audio chain, and that includes passive components... like capacitors and wire.

Here is what Audiopax has to say about their experience with VH Audio’s products (V-Caps and VH Audio wire):

“Since we started using VH Audio products in our pre-amplifiers, amplifiers and speakers, we have achieved an even higher level of performance, with a significant improvement in every aspect of the audio reproduction. The differences are quite noticeable and they are now being included in selected products.

We want to thank VH Audio for all the time and energy they expended developing these extraordinary components. The results and benefits are well worth it.”

Audiopax Model 5
Audiopax Model 5 Preamplifier

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