Bill Thalmann comments on V-Caps in his modification business

Bill Thalmann (co-founder of Music Technology), has spent over 30 years deeply involved in the sale, design, repair and modification of tubed and solid state electronics, including 20 years as Technical Director for Conrad-Johnson Design. I can say with full confidence that Bill has likely forgotten more about vacuum tube equipment design than many people will ever come to know. If you need custom mods done on your tube gear, I can't think of anyone better to perform them. Even better, is when Bill gets a chance to take a look under the hood of your gear and uses his creative and technical genius to make custom mod recommendations.

Here's what Bill has to say about his experience using V-Caps in his modification business at Music Technology

"We, at Music Technology, Inc., have been recommending V-Caps for high performance upgrades for a number of years now, and have never had an instance where the improvement wasn't immediately and dramatically apparent. They are absolutely the cap to use when you must have the very best! Highly recommended."

Bill Thalmann - Music Technology


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