Bruce Fallini

Bruce Fallini is another musician who has V-Capped his guitars with great results.

Here is what Bruce has to say about his experience with V-Caps:

"Very impressive - wow! Now that I've thought about it, I find hard to accurately describe audio. The V-Caps are very rich and thick top to bottom with extreme clarity. You can easily use the word "muddy" with other caps, but it's blasphemy for these. Once you've compared caps, you know what high-end means - these are it. Everyone has a favorite color. The same is true for audio lovers; we like what we like. But no matter the flavor, the two V-Cap models I tried are unbelievably Rich, Full with Amazing clarity. After trying these, now and forever, there are three critical things in choosing your sound - 1) amp 2) pickups 3) V-Cap.

I liken it to removing a stocking cap that's covering my ears to I can hear a conversation better - boom clear sound, but it's way more! It reminds me of going from $2,500 speakers to a $25,000 dollar set. It just doesn't seem like it can get any better, you have a permanent smile and you love it! About my installation, currently I just have guts hanging out. [Michael subsequently noted this was an Epiphone Dot, stripped clean for testing different electronics] On my Michael Kelly, I'm replacing those electronics in the next week or so and I'll use a V-Cap in that one. The others are for my in-progress test machines. Feel free to use my name if you like."


"My Michael Kelly is Patriot Premium - gray on black - it's a beauty and good guitar at a great price. Electronically, I know they function as capacitors, but these are in a league of their own and I think of them as a passive EQ. The TFTF creates a simpler sound, maybe like percussions. My son gravitates to the overdrive sound, and the TFTFs could possibly be my pick for him. The CuTF is full and very warm. I like the classic humbuckers guitar sound thru a Fender Bassman, so chances are my pick would be the CuTF. Another way I visualize it... I see color. The TFTF reminds me of earth tones - greens, browns and copper. With the CuTF I think of shades of yellow and orange."

- Bruce Fallini

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