Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio

Steve Nugent is the founder of Empirical Audio and is a very accompished Electrical Engineer with 25 years of digital design experience. In fact, Steve was a design-team lead on the Pentium II at Intel Corp. and holds 22 patents in various cable and digital technologies. What this REALLY means is he's scary smart when it comes to anything digital. Combine that with his 39+ year passion for our beloved audio hobby, and you have a recipe for some of the best digital audio playback products on the planet.

Here is what Steve has to say about his experience with V-Caps:

"The V-Cap Fluoropolymer is a very smooth sounding cap, but delivers the detail."...

"The (TFTF's) are ideal for tweeter crossover bypassing. They add top-end air."

"The V-Cap Oil-Cap is used in my Overdrive DAC for basic AC coupling. This DAC was reviewed by TAS: "...regardless of how I employed the Overdrive DAC I was aware that I was listening to the best USB DAC I had ever reviewed. "- Steven Stone, TAS Feb 2010"

"It (OIMP) delivers wonderful extended bass and smooth midrange, and has the advantage of being compact compared to other oil caps."

Steve Nugent - Empirical Audio  

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