Jeff Wheaton of Euphonos Audio

Jeff Wheaton is the owner and founder of Euphonos Audio. Here is what he has to say about his experience with V-Caps:

"We have searched for years trying to find the best coupling capacitor and input capacitor, even having some custom made polystyrene capacitors fabricated to very fanatical tolerances. Due to the dwindling supply of polystyrene, we were searching once again, hoping to find something nearly as good as the styrenes.

We tried the V-Cap capacitor with some optimism, and skepticism hoping it would be at least 80-90% of the custom ones we had made. The hype of the capacitors (V-Caps) was based on previous experience of overrated parts as well as the distrust of many ears in the reviewing business. Well, perhaps we should trust more ears "out there". The V-Caps exceed our expectaions in every way. The level of information is on another level entirely. The character of the amp is harder to discern now as the capacitors are now getting out of the way and just allowing the music to emerge with less corruption than previously experienced.

A great cap won't fix a bad circuit, but in a good circuit, these are the real deal. Before spending $3,500.00 for a power cord, get your caps correct, then decide if you still need that cord. The difference of the new caps is so profound, older amps can be rejuvenated with new caps, and just maybe smoke some of the new designs. Old caps do deteriorate so get the old caps out of the circuit and you may just find out that you don't need a new amp once they have been properly massaged. They are large so be ready to provide some space for them.

We do consulting on many old tube designs, many which sound fabulous with some well placed caps. At this point, we are only replacing with the V-Caps unless an odd size is needed. Our preference is always for the highest voltage we can fit in the area. Secure them well as they are heavy and should not be left to flop around. Your quality product deserves all the praise that has been given, and hopefully more philes will look at their old equipment and restore it to a level not before experienced. New v-caps exceed any cable, power cord, resonance tweek I have ever experienced. The circuit and parts quality comes first..."

Jeff Wheaton - Euphonos Audio  


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