Don Garber of Fi

Don Garber of Fi is an industry icon whose legendary Fi shop was an incubator of the SE vacuum tube movement, after he pulled the curtain on the ruler-flat measuring Solid State "Oz".

Another amazing fact about Mr. Garber, is that he has attained his critical acclaim, and Icon status without having a website, or dropping loads of dough on advertising- he built it exclusively by word-of-mouth advertising. (Hmm- that sounds familiar...)

Here's what Don Garber has to say about his experience using V-Caps:

They're great - just more of everything you could want more of, and nothing else. This from a customer - " is literally just hanging in the air, images are full and stable, dynamics and extension boggles my mind seeing it's a tube preamp, and lastly sound stage to die for..."

Don Garber - Fi  


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