Pierre Krebs

V-Cap CuTF Copper Foil and Fluoropolymer Capacitors
Marantz 7C with V-Caps
Modified by Pierre Krebs

Here is what Pierre Krebs has to say about his experience with V-Caps:

"I specialize in restoring and tuning vintage amplifiers (mainly Marantz 7c and 8b) for customers in Switzerland. In the beginning, I experimented with several brands of capacitors, and finally ended up with V-Caps. The difference is simply breathtaking. Compared to a Marantz 8b fitted with a highly regarded German capacitor brand and my own 8b modified with V-Cap TFTFs, the TFTFs revealed a magnificent resolution across the whole frequency range. Tight and clean bass response and a wide open soundstage. The V-Caps do not change the typical sound of the 1960s Marantz vintage amplifiers, they just make them sound much better. Saul Marantz would have used V-Caps if available in his time.

I have also used V-Cap OIMPs in the cross over of my Genesis speakers replacing the stock Rel-Caps. The result: I got new speakers for less than $500. Amazing! Shortly said: V-Caps are worth every cent you spend on them. The ultimate capacitor! I also want to mention the excellent service Chris VenHaus offers: Fast, reliable and very responsive to all my requests. Just perfection. Thanks Chris. ".

Followup: I mistakingly sent CuTF's in place of the TFTF's Pierre ordered for a modification, and Pierre decided to try them out in his own gear. Pierre's reaction is below:

"Hello Chris.

I'm through with my (Marantz) 7c and 8b.

What I did:

- 7c: Replaced 2 x 0.01 uF coupling caps in the Phono Stage. Replaced 2 x 0.15 uF in Line Stage. Replaced 2 x 0.1 uF Decoupling Caps in the Phono Stage.
- 8b: Replaced all the TFTF with CuTF.

The result: Amazing improvement compared to the TFTF version(s).
- Huge dynamics. The amps got very fast.
- Much more air in the midrange.
- Increased resolution. Now I hear details that were not there before.
- Deeper and very open soundstage. The speakers have virtually disappeared. It was already perfect with the TFTFs. But now it's more than perfect.
- Clean and precise bass. Increased bass response.

Thanks Chris for sending me the wrong caps! We will have to do that again ;-) ...

Kind regards and thanks from a happy customer in Switzerland, Pierre


- Phono: Thorens TD 124/II - Revised by Jacques Basset (former Thorens Development Engineer)
  Non Magnetic Main Platter - SME 3009 S2 non improved - Pickup Ortofon SPU Anniversary 90 - Full Style Plinth (Home Made)

- Phono MC PrePre: Solid State - Home Made - Based on a design from Jean Hiraga

- Phono Cabling: Breuer Dynamic (Mr. Breuer is a Swiss engineer well known for his tonearm)

- Preamp: Marantz 7c - Most of internal cabling replaced by home made solid core silver coax wire. Now partly modified with CuTF. Tubes: 6 x ECC83 Telefunken

- Power amp: Marantz 8b - - Triode amplification - Beefed up powersupply - Critical resistors replaced - Most internal wiring replaced with Cardas copper wire - Tubes: 4 x EL34 Philips Metal Base 1956 / 2 x 6CG7 Sylvania 1958 / 2 x 6BH6 Sylvania 1956

- Interconnects: Audioquest SKY

- Speakers: Genesis 8300F 3-way closed - X-Overs modified with OIMPs - Internal cabling replaced with Audioquest Gibraltar

- Speaker cabling: Audioquest K2

- CD Player: BAT VK-D5 - 6 x E88CC Telefunken - Modified with 4 x 1.0 uF TFTF - I no longer use it. I power it on once a month just to make sure it's still working.

- Vinyl: Eric Clapton Tokio Live / Joe Bonamassa Live / Stevie Ray Vaughan Live in Montreux and others / var. Dire Straits / Walter Trout Live / var. Pink Floyd / var. Beethoven Symphonies and Piano Concertos / and, and and ...

A couple of days ago I had a visitor who owns a 100,000 US$ system. When he left I noticed a very sad look in his eyes...".

- Pierre Krebs

V-Cap Capacitors in Monitor Audio GS-20 crossover
Monitor Audio GS-20 crossover
Modified by Pierre Krebs


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