RHB Sound Dezign

V-Cap CuTF Copper Foil and Fluoropolymer Capacitors
Lumley M120 Monobloc

Bob Backert, the brains behind RHB Sound Dezign in Bucks County, PA, has been modifying preamplifiers and amplifiers, particularly tubed equipment, for decades. His designs are highly innovative, and he has recently obtained a U.S. patent on his new "green" power supply, which does away with electrolytic capacitors and allows a preamplifier to run with nothing but high-quality film capacitors such as V-Caps in its power supply.

Bob's philosophy revolves around the sound of live music. "When you walk into a restaurant or club, you can tell right away if the music is recorded, or live. I wanted a power supply that would deliver the same speed, accuracy and powerful dynamics as live music, so it would be much harder to tell if the music were recorded. GreenForce is the realization of that dream."

Bob runs RHB with his son, Gary. Here is what Bob & Gary have to say about their experience using V-Caps in their amplifier modification business:

"At RHB Sound Dezign, we we frequently recommend and use V-Cap TFTF capacitors for our clients' amplifier and preamplifier mods. For example, a quick way to improve clarity, smoothness, and bass speed is to upgrade a preamp's output coupling capacitors to V-Caps.

Although our new patented GreenForce™ power supply sounds great with many kinds of capacitors, we find that V-Caps deliver the utmost clarity, which is why we are proud to offer a power supply that is able to really use them -- not in just a "bypass" position. We are particularly excited because we believe it is the only power supply in the world that can do this.  

To Chris, we simply say, 'thank you' and please keep up the fine work."


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