V-Caps at R.M.A.F.

Here's where you can find great V-Capped equipment at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Company Name
Main Level- Larkspur Suite
Einstein 'The Final Cut' MK60 OTL monobloc amplifiers- custom fitted with V-Caps
Main Level - Lupine
Room 1030
Room 1102
Room 1130

S-30 Mk. 3.1 Stereo Music Amplifier
MP-1 Mk. 3.1 Music Preamplifier
MP-3 Mk. 3.1 Music Preamplifier
MA-1 Mk. 3.1 Music Amplifier
M-60 Mk. 3.1 Music Amplifier
Main Level - IRIS
Pure Power Center
Clean Power Center
Main Level - IRIS
Overdrive Signature DAC
Room 8012
Isabellina HPA LFP-V Edition Headphone Amp & DAC
Room 541
Musician III Ampilifier
Room 8028
Mjollnir Preamplifier
Valkyrie Amplifier