Steven Gupta of SDG Vintage

SDG Vintage Guitar Amplifer

Steven Gupta of SDG Vintage makes some of the best guitar amplifiers available- and he does it because, well, he LOVES doing it! His meticulous craftsmanship and careful selection of components means he'll likely be making some larger guitar amp companies a bit nervous.

Here is what Steven has to say about his experience with V-Caps in his guitar amplifiers:

My own personal thoughts on how to compare the V-Caps to any other run-of-the-mill caps would be to remember when your ears feel clogged up- like on a plane. Pop open your ears and everything becomes clear. That is how V-Caps sound. There is less mud, and less distortion, as well.

V-Cap CuTF Copper Foil and Fluoropolymer Capacitors

Steven Gupta - SDG Vintage


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