Barry Black

Barry Black installed the V-Cap CuTF series into his Welborne Labs Starchief amp, and sent the following e-mail shortly after: (Published with Barry's permission):

"I'm sure you know this already, but just put the CuTF caps in my amp yesterday replacing the TFTF as bypass to ASC cap (Ultrapath) and holy s....t the density of tone, harmonics galore and just plain old realism is overwhelming. This is the sound I've been searching for, and don't think it could get any better. I don't need to worry about rewiring now, and can only think of ripping out every cap possible to replace with CuTF (maybe a slight exaggeration, maybe not). This upgrade in musicality, that's what it is, sound is long dead, is greater than my $6K Omega upgrade, I'm just stunned. Can you keep up production with demand when word gets out? I'm so excited about the music, did I mention the prodigious bass, not louder or tighter but 'earthier'?"

Barry Black
London, United Kingdom

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