Dixon Chen

Dixon Chen installed the V-Cap CuTF series into his custom built Type 76 DHT linestage, and sent the following e-mail shortly after: (Published with Dixon's permission):

"Dear Chris: I decided to give your new CuTF capacitors a shot at my gear after seeing your construction notes as well as the preliminary reviews by some of your clients. I have previously bought and used many of your TFTF caps for my various tube amplifiers that I own. The CuTF replaced a pair of fairly popular AmpOhm Copper PIO's that I have selected after auditioning quite a few popular brands. I believe I've heard no less than 7 or 8 very popular and expensive brands of capacitors out there. This particular line stage was built by Tube Audio Labs in California for me and is a fantastic build and great sounding unit that I use to drive a WE91A clone and a RS 241 SET amp. I am a very critical audiophile and select only the best to go into my audio equipment.

My impressions on the sound: I listen to a lot of Jazz/Vocal music as I do love to hear the tone and timbre of various instruments as well as the voice of any female vocalist of course. My initial impression on these caps is that they are authoritative on the bass notes, giving the impression that you have gone up in value of the capacitance, they produce a remarkable 'whomp' feeling especially with the kick drums. Further listening into it, I realize too that the overall tone has increased in density and presence making it remarkably clear and more '3D'. The best thing was when in one these passages, where there is a transition of the front drummers to the back drummers in the soundstage, this was usually hardly noticeble but today this was so apparent that my eyes were actually following it becoming quite a remarkable scare, if you ask me. (I actually repeated the track twice to make sure it wasn't just an illusion!). Soundstage has also become ridiculously wide as I noticed for the first time that on the space next to my left speaker, I now hear the impression of an instrument being played there and I swear that it was never there before! (I evaluate my system changes always on the same disc).

When I first got this linestage, I settled on the TFTF caps but later removed it as I found it to be slightly too clinical at times although like all reviews of your TFTF, it is remarkably detailed. Not with these new CuTF, they are nothing like the TFTF (I mean they are in terms of being a Fluoropolymer cap) but the sound quality is of another level. When I first got these, I was also skeptical as they are also a Fluoropolymer construction but only diff is that its copper instead of Tin foil. [There are actually quite a few differences, apart from the foil composition] I have heard differences between copper and tin foil in other brands but they are never as vast a difference in sound like these CuTF caps!

There you go, only a few hours but the diff is already beyond my expectation, I remember when I first heard your TFTF 2 years ago, it was rather spectacular how it sounded, but today when I heard your new caps, I was remarkably stunned and blown away and this time its way beyond what I felt when I heard the TFTF back then... You have created a new product that is really revolutionary in sound, I am repeating my orders for more of these caps soon!"

Follow-up: I'd thought I let you know that these are the most real and ' live ' sounding caps I have ever heard in my life. I dunno what you put in them, but the realism is beyond anything I have ever heard, and just that I thought they were great in the beginning. I have ghost images in my room now! Bloody amazing! I just ordered another 4 at your side. I have [a very highly regarded cap] in my we91a amp. I have to admit, these beats them hands down and I crowned them the best before I heard these, the crown for the best cap has just been toppled! These define the soul in the music!

Follow-up: I have them playing for over 75 hours now and one thing I realized about these CuTF is that compared to the TFTF they don't seem to be unlistenable in any way during the break in hours. On the TFTF you don't stand a chance to even listen to them properly anything below 350 hours! I normally would not make claims like these unless my heart tells me to, this experience has definitely moved my soul and it has been a long long time since I discovered something this exciting in my DIY audio journey. When I ultimately heard what I heard tonight, I told myself " I gotta let Chris know about this! " Oh by the way, when I mentioned ghost images, I meant to say ' holographic ' musician images in my room! I guess I felt very excited describing my new found experience. It wasn't that long ago I asked myself if it is possible to recreate a sound stage as ' live ' as the real thing, I guess my question has been answered finally. Tell you what Chris, I'd like to make a last feedback to you in which you can update them on your site when I break them in even longer.I suspect more will come by the next 100 or so hours. Once again, totally revolutionary!

Follow-up: I have 3 pairs residing in 3 different equipment of my gears now. All of them have their positions in the most important stage of any amplification gear which is the driver stage which contributes mostly to the sonic signature of the amp. In fact they are now my primary choice for any amplifiers requiring new capacitors. I have now purchased the 4th pair for my 211 SET amplifier, thus this is a statement to how good the new CuTF's are. With time all of them have progressively synergized with the rest of the other electronics in the individual gear they are installed into, I simply cannot fault them at this stage. Very well balanced capacitors! Great product!

Dixon Chen
Shah Alam, Malaysia

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