Unmesh is an experienced audiophile who's been around the 'audiophile block'.... several times. Here are the comments Unmesh sent, after installing the V-Cap CuTF (.22 uF 600VDC) into his 4 Watt SET amplifier.

I've had the caps in the amp for several days now, and I have to say that they are the real deal. Right out of the box, there was a noticeable improvement in clarity.

It's as if they have taken an audio Hippocratic oath to do no harm.

This is the second pair of V-caps I have installed, the first pair OIMP caps went into a Aurum solid state preamp, and convinced me to keep the preamp. This latest pair CUTF caps have had an even greater impact in a single ended tube amp.

I find myself looking around and wondering "Where else can I put 'em? An enormous difference in clarity and presence. In short, I am WAY pleased.

Jamaica, New York

Unmesh also shared that he has loved listening to recorded music since the 1950’s. His systems have covered the gamut from tubes to transistors, then back to tubes; mono to stereo to multi channel and then back to two channel; as well as from vinyl to cassettes to digital to vinyl, and then finally for the third time in his adult life, he gave away all his vinyl, cartridges, phono preamps, turntable, protractors, tools and cleaning machine with magic elixirs, for the last time…

Now, he mostly plays digital, some ripped from LPs, as well as SACD’s, all fed through his OPPO BDP-103.

His primary preamp is a Rogue Magnum 99 preamp using Sophia 6sn7s driven by a pair of adapted RCA 6cg7s. He also uses an Aragon Aurum, upgraded with V-Cap OIMPs coupling caps.

Two single ended tube amps share the love:

  • 5 watt transformer coupled, tube regulated/rectified amp built to use a high voltage 6sn7 type and 6L6GB tubes, although his favorite is the 5932 (6L6WGA), which he defines as “liquid clarity” in this setup. 
  • 4 watt+/- 5998/421A amp. 3 tubes, 421A, Shuguang CV181, Rca 5U4G. He just upgraded the coupling caps to V-Cap CUTFs, which he described above and added “…

Unmesh uses a MK sub, carefully crossed at 53Hz with Omega Compact Hemps and horn tweeters crossed at 9.5khz.

His headphone rig? 2 amps… A Yamamoto HA-02, single ended pair of ATH-5000's, or a Red Wine Cassabria balanced amp driving Hifiman HE-500's